From the students and parents

"As a parent, I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to all those involved in this program. My daughter was fortunate to attend the 5 day program. She explained to me that it was one of the happiest times she has had through her education. She was able to meet with many other students from around BC who share the same goal as herself. She also came home with a greater sense of self worth and a higher self esteem. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful opportunity! "


  • A showcase of career pathways and educational opportunities in the health sciences in Northern British Columbia.
  • Part of a larger stepping stone career development experience for all British Columbia students in Grade 10 and 11 interested in a career in health care.
  • This program will provide health science exposure through multi day, hands on adventures through many aspects of health care including tours that respect privacy and confidentiality while showing a variety of related, diverse and real health care amenities and services provided to patients and their families.


  • Students must be  in Grade 10 or 11 in British Columbia, no exceptions as of 2019.
  • The event will take up four days of your time away from school, Monday to Thursday - 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. -  May 6 - 9 , 2019 as well as the Sunday evening May 5, 2019  from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for registration and orientation.   
  • Prince George School District applications are available now from all high schools. They are to be returned to the high school no later than February 20, 2019.
  • Out of town students will be housed at the University of Northern British Columbia student residence.
  • All meals will be catered with attention paid to those with allergies.

2018 student orientation handbook


Made a whole bunch of new friends



I enjoyed the fact that we were split into groups of people other than our friends. I was scared about it at first because I thought I was shy, but I got close with many people because of this.


Inspired me to continue where I was going



  •  Honoured to be here. Never met so many people with the same interests.
  • Made tons of friends which I did not expect. 
  • Liked that we talked to so many professionals.
  • Huge thanks to everyone who made this possible.

Above and beyond, an experience. Thank you.


  •  150% more than I expected. Wish it was longer because I loved it so much.
  • Enjoyed every minute and pumped to get on with my new focus once I graduate. 
  • If anything, I am now more confused, but that’s a good thing. Like Ron said, there are many different flavors of potato chips.

I now know where I am going



  • I wanted to come and learn, and I did, thank you.  
  • I have a better idea of what to do after high school. 
  • I was afraid that we would be thrown into a nurse shift or something, but it was way different, and it taught me way more than I imagined.

More than a classroom tour


I was able to learn a lot of things that I wasn’t aware of before. This program allowed me to see what healthcare professions did on a day to day basis and ask them questions about their career. I think this made it easier to find which careers I am interested in and people we can relate to. 


A real eye opener


 It was very enlightening and intriguing to see such a wide variety of career choices and to meet fellow students with the same passion and goals to make a difference in others lives. It has opened my eyes and I am seriously considering some of the options you shared with us. I look forward to working and serving with in the Prince George community in the near future.


How can students apply for this event ?

All students "not" in the Prince George School District in British Columbia

Students must be sponsored by a Rotary Club or other recognized community organization. Interested students should contact Clubs that have already secured a seat and are looking for candidates as of October, 2018.

Find out more

Students residing in the Prince George School District

Students must apply through School District 57. The students are chosen through a rigorous interview process. Information regarding the application and interview process will be distributed through the high schools in School District 57 beginning February 1, 2019. The deadline for student applications must be returned to their school on or before February 22, 2019.  Students will be notified and interviews will take place in early March, 2019.


 Students who attend the program are expected to come with the proper tools to participate in the program.  By providing information about POLIO PLUS as well as an ONLINE LAB SAFETY TRAINING COURSE everyone will be able to engage in the activities in a safe and well informed manner.