Yes, it is true, we are over 90% booked for May, 2020. We have four seats left. Act now if your club intends on sending a student.


  • A showcase of career pathways and educational opportunities in the health sciences.
  • Developed and designed to encourage and enlighten young British Columbians from rural, remote and isolated communities to investigate health science related career options.
  • Part of a larger stepping stone career development experience for all British Columbia students in Grade 10 and 11 interested in a career in health care.
  • This program will provide health science exposure through multi day, hands on adventures of many aspects of health care including tours that respect privacy and confidentiality while showing a variety of related, diverse and real health care amenities and services provided to patients and their families.


 I enjoyed talking to a few of the UNBC and CNC  students because they gave a lot of insight since that milestone is soon approaching upon us.  It was very interesting asking them about how they got to where they are now and what they could recommended for programs in specific fields. 


I would like to give a huge thank you to Rotary for sponsoring and giving me a once in a lifetime opportunity on this amazing adventure! I truly had fun and made lots of friends but most importantly I discovered various career pathways that I would not have known without this program. Packed with informative and hands-on experiences there was never a dull moment in this program. Going into this program I was looking to solidify my choice of a pathway as a family doctor but coming out I am debating other medical pathways as this program was very eye-opening and presented a range of specialties as well as other medical career options. I am so grateful to have been experienced this journey and there are not enough words to describe how much this program has helped me. I greatly appreciate your help and guidance aiding me in this process as I know the countless hours you have put into booking my ticket and following up with emails has been. Again it was an honor being part of Adventures in Healthcare 2019, an amazing journey Rotary!

A great way to learn about future careers


  • This program was WELL worth my   time, I learned so much and I feel much better prepared to pursue the career   that I am passionate about.
  • I’m so incredibly blessed to be   apart of this program, thank you for such an amazing program
  • I feel that it was very worthwhile   and gave me exposure to careers that I hadn’t thought of before 


helped me find my path and confirm programs and schooling routes in order to get there



  •   I had such a blast! Getting to know different people and learn what I am really passionate about is beyond words! Really this is a memory I will look back on years from now 
  •  I am glad I was a part of this program because it opened with my eyes to full see all the different opportunities I have in the field of healthcare in BC 

It was an eye opening experience and I made some good friends.


  •  150% more than I expected. Wish it was longer because I loved it so much.
  • Enjoyed every minute and pumped to get on with my new focus once I graduate. 
  • If anything, I am now more confused, but that’s a good thing. Like Ron said, there are many different flavors of potato chips.

I now know where I am going


  • It gave me a very good idea of the different   types of medical careers and opened me to new ideas of what I wanted to do. I   met new people that had the same interests as me and made lots of new friends.   

More than a classroom tour


  • I was able to learn a lot of things that I wasn’t aware of before. This program allowed me to see what healthcare professions did on a day to day basis and ask them questions about their career. I think this made it easier to find which careers I am interested in and people we can relate to. 


A real eye opener


  •  It was very enlightening and intriguing to see such a wide variety of career choices and to meet fellow students with the same passion and goals to make a difference in others lives. It has opened my eyes and I am seriously considering some of the options you shared with us. I look forward to working and serving with in the Prince George community in the near future.