A great way to learn about future careers in health care


Helped me find my path and confirm programs and schooling routes in order to get there

  • This program was WELL worth my time, I learned so much and I feel much better prepared to pursue the career   that I am passionate about.
  • I’m so incredibly blessed to be   apart of this program, thank you for such an amazing program
  • I feel that it was very worthwhile   and gave me exposure to careers that I hadn’t thought of before 


It was an eye opening experience and I made some good friends

  • I had such a blast! Getting to know different people and learn what I am really passionate about is beyond words! Really this is a memory I will look back on years from now 
  • I am glad I was a part of this program because it opened with my eyes to full see all the different opportunities I have in the field of healthcare in BC 


I now know where I am going

  • 150% more than I expected. Wish it was longer because I loved it so much.
  • Enjoyed every minute and pumped to get on with my new focus once I graduate. 
  • If anything, I am now more confused, but that’s a good thing. Like Ron said, there are many different flavours of potato chips.


More than a classroom tour

It gave me a very good idea of the different   types of medical careers and opened me to new ideas of what I wanted to do. I   met new people that had the same interests as me and made lots of new friends.   


A real eye opener

I was able to learn a lot of things that I wasn’t aware of before. This program allowed me to see what healthcare professions did on a day to day basis and ask them questions about their career. I think this made it easier to find which careers I am interested in and people we can relate to. 


This was a real game changer for me

 It was very enlightening and intriguing to see such a wide variety of career choices and to meet fellow students with the same passion and goals to make a difference in others lives. It has opened my eyes and I am seriously considering some of the options you shared with us. I look forward to working and serving with in the Prince George community in the near future.

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