As a parent and grandparent I am looking forward to meeting your child in May of 2019. I remember the first time we sent off our daughter to just such an event…both of us were anxious. Thus this letter to you. The Rotary Club of Prince George Yellowhead Adventure in Health Care program is designed to develop the potential of high school students in the field of healthcare. It is an exceptional opportunity for youth to explore the field of healthcare in all its different shapes and sizes. While the program is focused on participating in small group activities, it rests on the premise that there may be a spark lit in each person. 

An "ah ha" moment, if you will.


Out of town students have historically been billeted, but for this program we have chosen another path that we feel will add to the experience for guests to our community.  Using the University of Northern British Columbia student residence or the College of New Caledonia student residence we will not only introduce them to a different housing  experience but also allow for closer ties with their fellow Adventurers. Prince George students will not be included in the  residence and will travel to and from their own homes daily. There will be Criminal Record Check cleared adult security at the residence  and travelling with the students during the whole program. 


All transportation during the program will be provided by professional drivers and government certified vehicles. As well, all host volunteers will have driver abstract clearance in case we require  a private vehicle for emergencies. We will be in constant awareness of flight, train, bus arrivals etc and always have a representative on-hand at the point of arrival. It is imperative that we are advised of any last minute changes from their documented arrival time or method. Departures from Prince George are also documented and we provide the necessary transportation to their point of departure. If there is a need for overnight accommodation after the program is over, it will be looked after. 


 Your son or daughter are going to have a full, enjoyable and demanding program time wise and extra-curricular activities may diminish their attention to the program.  Our goal is to provide supervision to all our young guests while participating in the program. The expectations of the students will be as if they are attending a school event, with guidelines made available prior to the event.

They need to not only learn but also to have fun. That is our goal, but in a comfortable, safe atmosphere.

Ron J Davis Chair, Adventures in Health Care