ROTARY Adventues in Health Care
ROTARY Adventues in Health Care




OVERVIEW - March 15, 2019

It is mandatory that all Adventures in Health Care students participate in the Laboratory Safety & Methodology Orientation as they will work in a lab outside of the immediate supervision of the principal investigator.  The Laboratory Safety & Methodology Orientation is an online session that covers aspects of laboratory safety and laboratory functioning. 

This online course if for the sole benefit of the Adventurers who will be attending the Adventures in Health Care program. This course will go live online in  late March, 2019. All students will be emailed with the password in the next week or so.


 The course is prepared by Anne Sommerfeld of UNBC. After you receive the password, you can proceed, not until then.

Please follow these steps to get into the course:

  • Go to:
  • Click on Learn/Blackboard 
  • User name:  your last name-aihc    ex.  sommerfeld-aihc     

• Password : (provided after student registration forms received)

  • Click on lab Safety Course
  • Begin reading. Click on course material to read all the course papers. Each section is a pdf, use the back arrow to go back to the list and then choose a new section to read.
  • Take quiz
  • Get ready to Adventure into Health Care!