MARCH 13, 2020

It is with a heavy heart that the Rotary Club of Prince George – Yellowhead is advising you of the cancellation of the Adventures in Health Care program slated for May, 2020. After due care and due diligence the decision has been made by the steering committee of the Adventures in Health Care program. We have spent the better part of Wednesday and Thursday in meetings and telephone calls with our partners discussing options to justify continuing this years program. But in the final analysis we could see no way clear to ensure the safety of all participants in the program. This not only includes the students but also the health care workers who would be volunteering in hosting the event. It is clear in todays discussions with our partner agencies that the health care “industry” is ramping up for an unknown tsunami and that our program could not be supported if what we think is going to happen does occur. 


To you the students who were chosen to attend the program in May, we apologize for having to cancel the event. We know it was something you were looking forward to attending. That we know because of the process you had to go through to get to this “starting line”.

We know it is of little comfort but this is just a small speed bump in your future of discovering what you want to do in life. Rotary wishes to always provide alternatives to pursue and unfortunately in this case we cannot do that; life has gotten in the way.