The Past


Adventures in Health Care is focused on bringing youth together to showcase career pathways and educational opportunities in the health sciences in northern British Columbia. Three years ago, we launched the program to 36 youth from across British Columbia. Good planning and the strong community alliances have allowed us to present a first-rate program. That is born out by the waiting list this last year of student sponsors from across British Columbia. The demand continues to outstrip the capacity to accommodate everyone. 


The Present

The student sponsorship of Rotary Clubs is very important but given the real costs, the Program would not have been possible without the support of the collaborators in Prince George.   

Moving forward we have some challenges that typically occur in new startups. They include:

1. Engaging all youth in non-Rotary communities in Northern British Columbia.

2. Increasing capacity to meet demand

3. Expanding/modifying the program  to reflect the 21st Century youth

4. Ensure long term viability

5. Continuing to deliver a Program that meets expectations of youth, Rotary and all collaborating agencies


The Future


This fall will find our steering committee (which reports to the Yellowhead Rotary Board of Directors) exploring new partnerships to expand the opportunities for future Adventurers including:

In summary, the program is a success. It has connected students with educators and employers in a new and innovative way. In addition, the youth have, through a common bond of health care as their future, inadvertently made many new friends and possibly work mates.


 Thank you to the collaborating agencies and student sponsor Rotary Clubs who have supported Adventures in Health Care over its first three years and are the strength behind the continued delivery of this very successful program.